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RI Witness System

Reducing human error in IVF with electronic witnessing

RI Witness is an electronic witnessing system which Fertility North uses in the embryology laboratory. This system improves traceability and quality control, while reducing laboratory based risk.

Studies done on the system concluded that “RI Witness™ accurately recorded all lab procedures, and identified a stable true human error rate which compares favourably to published error rates of 0.2-5% for similar clinical lab activities. Data suggests an immediate improvement of documentation and an improvement in system usage after a short time. Other benefits include the reduction of staff workload and distractions, increased SOP compliance whilst also improving the accuracy and efficiency of producing witnessing, traceability, productivity and operator audits. This is the first time an accurate rate of human error in an IVF lab has been calculated.”

Key Features

Fail Safe

Locks the patient’s identity to the sperm, eggs and embryos at every stage of the treatment, so that they are continuously monitored


Gives you increased confidence in every step of the cycle


Frees up staff to carry out more procedures and increase overall lab efficiency


Compatible with any lab set-up so there is no need to change protocols


RFID tags ensure you know exactly who did what, where and when to patients’ samples


Stay at the forefront of ART technology with RI Witness™ updates keeping you ahead of the industry standard

To see how it works, please watch the video above, or see the infographics.​