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Our Fees

Fertility North has an open and transparent fee structure policy, which outlines the costs incurred for all of our services, as well as any rebates should they apply.

Fee structure

Fertility North is proud to publish our fee structure online – offering our patients cutting-edge treatment at some of Perth’s most affordable prices.

Our new fee schedule has been designed to clearly explain all of the costs associated with your treatment, without any hidden fees, and we aim to minimise out of pocket expenses for our patients.

Our administration team are available during clinic opening hours to address any fee related queries.

Click below for our current, full fee structure:

Full Fee Structure

Donor Fee Structure

Medicare safety net 

The Medicare Safety Net threshold is the amount the government requires you to pay for health care before subsidising your ongoing costs. If you have reached your safety net threshold, you may be eligible for a safety net refund. 

If you are receiving fertility treatment for the first time, it is unlikely that you would have reached the Medicare Safety Net threshold before the start of your treatment. As a result, your first treatment cycle may cost more than subsequent treatment cycles within that same calendar year. 

For more information on the Medicare Safety Net and how to calculate your safety net threshold, please contact Medicare at 13 20 11 or visit their website. 


Joondalup Private Hospital 

The expected cost for hospitalisation as an uninsured patient is $1300. If you have private health insurance which covers fertility related treatment, the contract rates as agreed between your fund and the hospital will apply. You may wish to contact your private health insurer to see if you qualify for any rebates. 

For more information on the hospitalisation fees, please contact Joondalup Private Hospital on (08) 9400 9999. 



When undergoing IVF or ICSI, you will be required to pay an anaesthetist fee. You would be eligible for a Medicare rebate on that portion of the fee. If you have private health cover, you will need to contact your fund to determine how much of the remainder will be covered. 


Additional fees 

Your initial payment should cover most of the costs associated with your cycle. However your specialist may request additional drugs or treatments that will help maximise your chances of success, but are not covered by your pre-payment. 


Non-medicare patients 

If you are not eligible for Medicare, we have structured our fee schedule to make it easier for you to manage the cost of your treatment cycle. The initial payment covers the cost of all of your blood tests & ultrasound scans associated with your cycle. However, this does not include the cost of drugs, hospital and anaesthetist fees. Please note that prices are current as of the date effective shown on the Fee Structure and are subject to change. 

Payment options  


Pay with cash by the payment due date. 



VISA, Mastercard and American Express facilities available. 


Bank transfer 

Transfer funds online to Fertility North at least 1 business day prior to payment due date using your last name as a reference. 



Pay for your Fertility Treatment by accessing your own Superannuation.  Click here to find out more.




Access treatment now, pay later.

To access the Handypay application page, please click here.



Apply for healthcare finance online, paid to us in 24 hours.  Apply here now.