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Semen Analysis & Sperm Count Testing Perth

We utilise a range of sophisticated testing options to assess the quantity, quality and function of sperm.

What is sperm testing? 

Sperm testing is an important tool when assessing fertility. Sperm testing enables the doctor to diagnose any male factors that might be contributing to the delay in conception and determine the sort of treatment that offers the best chance of success.  

Fertility North boasts a specialist accredited sperm testing laboratory.  Unlike a regular pathology lab, our laboratory is dedicated to and only conducts semen testing, so we really are experts when it comes to your swimmers! In addition to our routine fertility blood tests, Fertility North offers a comprehensive range of male fertility testing.  

Why do we do sperm testing? 

Almost all couples presenting to Fertility North will have a semen analysis. When the results of this data are collated, an assessment of a man’s potential fertility can be given.  Frequently, more than one sperm test is required, since the testes are a very sensitive indicator of general health and, as sperm are produced over a period of several weeks, many factors can affect their production.   

Apart from azoospermia (no sperm present) no single measured parameter of a semen analysis in an individual is indicative of fertility – it is the assessment of a combination of factors, including your background health, that enable an overall prognosis to be made and the best treatment option/s determined.  

How do I make a sperm testing appointment? 

Male fertility testing and sperm cryopreservation is conducted in our specialised Laboratory at Fertility North on selected weekdays between 8.00am and 2.30pm, and on Saturday mornings, all by appointment only.  

This allows the laboratory to have an andrologist exclusively allocated to carry out the testing on your sample as soon as it has been delivered, therefore avoiding any inaccuracies that delays in analysis might cause.  Please ensure that an appointment has been made, as without one we may not be able to process your sample.  

You can make an appointment for your sperm testing by contacting us here.  

What is the best method of sperm collection? 

Studies have shown that best results are obtained when the specimen is collected by masturbation (self-stimulation), collecting the sample into the sterile specimen jar provided by the clinic.  Please do not collect your sample into any other kind of container.    

If you are concerned that you may not be able to produce a sample by masturbation, please contact us to make alternative arrangements.    

How can we help you?  

The laboratory at Fertility North has been conducting male fertility testing in Perth and Western Australia for twenty years.  Our staff have been involved in the training of other scientists in the best-practice methods of sperm testing across the state, and we actively participate in ongoing internal and external quality assurance programs to ensure ongoing compliance and performance.  Our accredited laboratory offers a comprehensive range of tests, carried out by highly trained Scientists, with a rapid turnaround of results.    

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Where can I produce the sample? 

So that we can ensure that samples reach the Laboratory in optimum condition, Fertility North asks patients to produce their semen sample on site in one of our private, designated collection rooms. These purpose-designed rooms are clean, quiet and private.   

We understand that this may not suit everyone, so by arrangement, you can produce your sample at home and bring it into the Clinic. Please note that your sample must be delivered to the Laboratory within 45 minutes of production.