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Artificial Insemination (IUI) Perth

Artificial insemination (AI) or intrauterine insemination (IUI) sees the introduction of a washed sample of sperm from a partner or donor into the uterus at the time of ovulation. 

What is artificial insemination? 

Artificial insemination (AI), otherwise known as intrauterine insemination (IUI), is a relatively low-intervention fertility treatment procedure, during which a sample of washed sperm from the partner or a sperm donor is inserted into a patient’s uterus directly, to improve the chances of conceiving.  

Fresh or frozen sperm may be used for artificial insemination, with the latter being the norm for donor insemination.    

Why is artificial insemination used? 

Artificial insemination and IUI are able to bypass some of the trickier aspects of natural conception, as well as reduce the distance sperm have to swim to get to the egg (oocyte), meaning lower numbers of sperm may be required.  

IUI ensures that a sample of the best quality sperm is deposited directly into the uterus at the most optimal time for conception to occur.    

Who is artificial insemination suitable for? 

Your doctor may recommend IUI for:  

Couples with unexplained infertility 

After ovulation induction, IUI is another low-intervention fertility treatment that can be the treatment of choice before embarking on more involved treatments, such as IVF. It is useful in cases where sexual intercourse is:  

  • Not possible, such as in cases impacted by erectile dysfunction or physical disability; or  
  • Less likely to result in a pregnancy, in the presence of hostile cervical mucus or slightly suboptimal sperm parameters.   

Couples impacted by distance or illness  

If the male partner is away, such as is often the case with FIFO, or if the male is diagnosed with cancer, requiring gonadotoxic intervention such as radiation treatment or chemotherapy.  Semen samples from these patients can be frozen and stored for future use.  

Single women and same-sex couples 

Single women and same-sex couples who wish to fall pregnant may choose to utilise artificial insemination or IUI using  donor sperm.  

What is the artificial insemination treatment process? 

The IUI process can be easily described in three straightforward steps:  

What are the risks of artificial insemination?  

The risks involved with artificial insemination include:

Hormonal stimulation 

The main risks associated with stimulation arise from either too much or too little stimulation. 

In some cases, patients may respond too well to hormonal stimulation, meaning the cycle has to be cancelled for safety reasons.  

Conversely, some patients may not respond adequately to hormone stimulation, resulting in the cycle being cancelled and re-started with a higher dose. 

Laboratory risk 

While any system is susceptible to human error, Fertility North boasts a robust quality management system, RI Witness system and standardised double checking. These systems are implemented for every sample at every step, to produce the safest process possible for your treatment. 

Similarly, high standards in equipment quality, maintenance and planned replacement are designed to minimise the risk of equipment failure and subsequent damage to your material. 

Insemination procedure 

For most patients, this is a straightforward procedure, much like a pap smear. Some women can have a particularly narrow or unusually shaped cervix which can make the process more difficult and uncomfortable. In the rare event that the doctor is unable to pass the catheter through the cervix, the procedure can be performed under anaesthetic in the operating theatre. 

Male partner risks 

Provision of an unsuitable semen sample may necessitate either a repeat sample, or if that is not possible, the patients are encouraged to go home and engage in traditional conception methods. 

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