Whether you live in regional Western Australia, travelling to the clinic is difficult or you are required to isolate at home, Fertility North is happy to offer patients a virtual alternative to in-clinic appointments.

How does Fertility North cater for patients outside the Perth Metropolitan region? 

Fertility North has long offered successful, convenient fertility treatment services for patients who reside outside the Perth metropolitan area, and we have the benefit of local knowledge, with staff living throughout our great state, from Albany in our state’s south, to the Pilbara in the north. 

Where a physical examination is not required, our Doctors and Nurses can conduct patient consultations via Coviu, allowing patients the ease and convenience of attending appointments in their own home and avoids the hassle and disruption of having to travel to Perth and take extended time away from their regional homes, farms, properties and workplaces. 

Because of our familiarity with living in the remote and regional outstretches of WA, knowing the challenges that that can often pose when accessing health services, our staff are adept at liaising with regional providers to access local services for blood tests and ultrasounds, wherever possible.  

We are also happy to engage with the West Australian Country Health Services (WACHS) Patient Assisted Travel Scheme (PATS), which provides financial assistance to eligible country patients to access specialist services that are not available to them locally.  

And, when you do have to travel to Perth to access the aspects of your treatment that cannot be sourced locally, we will batch your appointments to ensure any inconvenience you may experience is kept to an absolute minimum. 

How can we help you? 

Fertility North aims to provide our country patients with a high quality, equitable fertility service, delivered with the compassion, sensitivity and specialist coordination it deserves. 

If you live outside the Perth metropolitan area and are interested to learn how we can help you, please contact us. 

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