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Sperm Freezing Perth

Support your future reproductive choices by securing your family-building opportunities.

Perth Sperm Freezing

Sperm freezing, also known as sperm cryopreservation, offers a reliable and effective solution for individuals seeking to preserve their fertility for future family planning. This advanced technique ensures that viable sperm samples are safely stored, allowing individuals to make informed decisions about their reproductive journey. Whether prompted by medical treatments, gender affirming treatment, personal circumstances, or lifestyle choices, sperm freezing provides peace of mind and flexibility for those intending to explore their fertility options in the future.

Who is Sperm Freezing suitable for?

There are several reasons you may decide to freeze your sperm:

Severe injury to the genitals

Trauma to the testes can sometimes be so severe that it has an impact on the testes ability to produce sperm, causing reduced fertility or even infertility.

Chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy

Cancer treatments can pose a risk to fertility, but by storing your sperm or testicular tissue prior to undertaking treatment, you are able to preserve your fertility. 

Prior to vasectomy

If you’re planning a vasectomy, its good to have options if you might wish to have children later in life. You’re at a higher risk of infertility due to antisperm antibodies after a vasectomy reversal and would require testing before treatment in this case.

Beat the biological clock

If you’re waiting to have children later in life, freezing your sperm allows you to keep your options open.   

Testicular failure

Some patients may be at risk of testicular failure (ie – the inability to produce sperm or testosterone).  Fertility preservation offers these patients the opportunity to retrieve sperm to be used for fertility treatment.

Before hormone therapy or SRS for those undergoing gender reassignment

Transgender people who undergo medical or surgical transition can be rendered infertile by their transition treatment.  It is recommended that transgender people discuss fertility preservation options prior to transition to ensure their parenting possibilities.

The Sperm Freezing Process

How can we help with your Fertility Preservation journey?

Whatever the reason for storing your sperm, Fertility North can provide this service with the compassion, sensitivity and specialist management it requires. 

If you are thinking about freezing your sperm, please arrange an appointment with one of our Doctors who can assess your circumstances and determine the most effective option for your individual situation. 

Please advise our team immediately if you need to freeze your sperm for oncology purposes.  We will then fast-track the process to ensure that fertility preservation does not impact on your cancer treatment.   

There are some costs associated with freezing and storing your sperm, and you can find details of these on our Fee Structure.  Medicare rebates and discounted fees do apply to those freezing sperm prior to undergoing gonadotoxic treatment.  Please contact us to find out more.