Fertility Support

Frequently Asked Questions

I've just found out I have cancer; can you help me freeze my eggs or sperm? 

Most definitely. We will fast-track your fertility preservation to ensure that it does not impact on your cancer treatment!  Check out our fertility preservation page for more information. 

How is fertility counselling different from regular counselling? 

When undertaking fertility treatment, people often report that their usual coping strategies and support mechanisms are insufficient. 

Our Fertility Counsellors are members of ANZICA, and have undertaken specialist training and education to help support you through the unique challenges associated with infertility. 

Fertility Counselling commonly focuses on issues specific to your fertility journey, including: 

  • Preparing for treatment and making informed decisions about your treatment options.
  • The impact on your relationships with partners, friends and family.
  • Managing your emotions throughout your treatment journey.
  • Dealing with the disappointment of unsuccessful treatment cycles and poor outcomes.