Fertility Preservation 

Whether for medical or personal reasons, fertility preservation can be used to increase the chance of pregnancy in the future. 

What is Fertility Preservation?   

Fertility Preservation is a general term used to describe the process of collecting and freezing an individual’s oocytes (eggs) or sperm, so that they may be used at a later date.  

Why is Fertility Preservation used?

If an individual’s genetic material is at risk of being compromised, egg or sperm freezing can preserve their ability to have biological children. 

For people who have no immediate plans to have children, fertility preservation allows them to keep their options open.

Want to talk to a Fertility Preservation expert?  

If you are thinking about fertility preservation, please arrange an appointment with one of our specialists who can assess your circumstances and determine the most effective option for your individual situation.  

If your fertility preservation referral is for oncology purposes, please tell us this when you contact us. We will then fast track an appointment for you to ensure you are seen quickly by one of our fertility specialists. 

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