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What if there is something I would like to try, but I cannot see it listed here?

Fertility North is always on the lookout for novel therapies and technologies that may assist us in helping us to make our patients’ dreams come alive.  If there is something specific you are interested in, please contact us. 

How do I know that the treatment you are offering me is safe?

The safety and wellbeing of intended parents and the welfare of the unborn child is of utmost importance to us at Fertility North, and that is why we are very careful about which new therapies and technologies we introduce to our patients. Our Advanced Technologies are backed by medical and scientific evidence. 

We are committed to ensuring our patients can make fully informed decisions about their treatment options, so before starting your treatment, your doctor will discuss with you at length the risks and benefits of the proposed treatment. 

Can I pick the sex of my baby?

Law in Western Australia does not permit gender selection for family balancing or due to preference alone.  In certain circumstances (such as some sex-linked genetic conditions), gender selection may be permitted, but must first be approved by local authorities. 

How do I know that the eggs, sperm and embryos are mine?

The Netflix sensation, Our Father, has brought to light some of the potential horror stories associated with unregulated fertility treatment. 

However, Fertility North patients can rest assured that ours is an accredited and licensed provider of fertility services, on both a state and federal level.  In addition to multiple annual internal audits, we undertake numerous, highly detailed licensing audits and inspections each year. This regulation exists to ensure that the service we provide is safe, and effective and does not cause risk to our patients or the babies born as a result of treatment. 

We also employ a belt and braces approach, by not only using a manual, double-witnessing approach, whereby two qualified staff members must cross-check critical laboratory and treatment steps, but also our fully-automated, electronic witnessing system (RI Witness).  In doing so, we can offer you absolute peace of mind.