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Cycle Tracking ​​

What is Cycle Tracking?

Cycle tracking involves regular blood tests, starting from day two of the menstrual cycle, repeating a number of times throughout the cycle.  The results of these blood tests are closely monitored by our Team to help determine the next appropriate course of action during your cycle, as well as by your Specialist to ascertain the best treatment option/s for you going forward.

Why is Cycle Tracking used?

Ovulation usually occurs regularly, once a month or thereabouts, from puberty until menopause, apart from times of pregnancy and breast-feeding.  However, in some women, ovulation does not occur regularly (oligomenorrhoea), or may not occur at all (amenorrhoea), and such disorders of ovulation can be detected through the use of cycle tracking.  Additional tests may be necessary to determine the cause, before appropriate treatment can be recommended. 

In an investigative cycle, cycle tracking enables Fertility North to closely monitor: 

  • The levels of your reproductive hormones: oestrogen (E2), progesterone (P4), follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), and luteinising hormone (LH); 
  • The growth and development of follicles and the uterine lining (endometrium)  

These results are used to determine whether you are ovulating, or what kinds of issues may be impacting your ovulation, and to predict which days of your cycle are your most fertile. 

During a treatment cycle, cycle tracking enables Fertility North to closely monitor your response to treatment, as well as the growth and development of follicles and the uterine lining (endometrium) to determine whether: 

  • Treatment is proceeding as it should. 
  • The dosage of medication requires adjustment. 
  • The best time for intercourse, insemination or egg retrieval for IVF or ICSI. 

How is Cycle Tracking done?

Through our partnership with Clinipath pathology, Fertility North offers its patients a comprehensive list of over 60 cycle tracking locations throughout the Perth metropolitan area.  Staff at these locations have undertaken additional training to appreciate the unique needs of fertility patients and are aware of the time constraints for fertility tracking bloods. 

Results of your fertility tests are received quickly and efficiently, from an accredited and reputable local service.  Our regional remote patients are not forgotten either.  Where available, we will liaise directly with your local pathology service to coordinate your cycle tracking. 

  • Using the QR code located on the back of your blood test form, identify the Clinipath location nearest to you.
  • Attend before 9.00am on the day/s advised by Fertility North, being sure to take your blood test form with you. 
  • Have your blood sample collected. 
  • On receipt of your SMS, log into your Fertility North Patient Result Portal to receive your results and instructions. 

It really is that simple! 

How can we help you?

If you would like more information on ovulation tracking or cycle tracking at Fertility Northplease contact our friendly Administration team.