Advanced Technology

RI Witness System 

Safeguarding every step of fertility treatment, this electronic witnessing system reduces and prevents laboratory errors and supports best laboratory practice. 

What is the RI Witness System?  

RI Witness is an electronic witnessing system used in the laboratory, designed to minimize errors that may occur during fertility treatment cycles.   

This electronic witnessing system supports and guides our Embryologists by monitoring sample movement from one dish or tube to another within the laboratory.  In doing so, RI Witness can identify mismatches before they happen, preventing them from occurring.  

This fully automated system operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which enables our team to give their full attention to caring for your samples. 

How does the RI Witness System reduce human error in fertility treatment? 

RI Witness uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags to lock the patient’s identity to their sperm, eggs and embryos from the beginning of the cycle and at every stage of processing.  

Every work area in each of our Laboratories is fitted with the RI Witness system, which detects wireless signals from these tags.  Using the RFID tags, the RI Witness system then continuously validates the identity of the samples within the work area, and alerts the user to possible mismatches, before they can occur.  

RI Witness™ accurately records all lab procedures, which has been shown to:  

  • Improve documentation.   
  • Reduce staff workload and distractions.  
  • Increase protocol compliance.  
  • Improve the accuracy and efficiency of producing witnessing, traceability, productivity and operator audits. 

How does the RI Witness System work?

How can we help you? 

RI Witness offers Fertility North patients’ ultimate peace of mind, knowing that your samples are being handled and tracked in the most secure manner possible. This state-of-the-art electronic witnessing system has documented and validated benefits that allows us to ensure we provide the highest possible security and safeguarding of your samples.  

Our laboratory utilises the RI Witness system throughout every treatment cycle, at no additional charge to our patients – your security and trust is paramount to the service we provide.    

If you would like to find out more about how RI Witness helps us to deliver a world-class laboratory service, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at Fertility North.  

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