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Patient Support at Fertility North

The fertility journey is often likened to a rollercoaster ride, and supporting patients through the ups and downs of treatment is of upmost importance to the team at Fertility North. 

Fertility treatment can often be physically, emotionally, and financially draining, with patients often describe feelings of isolation, anxiety and loss of control.  Infertility can impact upon relationships with your family, friends, and work colleagues, but most importantly it can impact on your relationship with your partner and how you feel about yourself.

Although our clinic staff are very experienced in helping our patients through this challenging time in their lives, there may be times we recommend you speak with a Fertility Counsellor.

How can a Fertility Counsellor support you through your fertility journey? 

Fertility Counsellors have extensive training and experience in supporting you through the unique challenges associated with infertility, as people often report that their usual coping strategies and support mechanisms are inadequate. 

Fertility Counselling commonly focuses on issues specific to your fertility journey, including:

  • Preparing for treatment and making informed decisions about your treatment options.
  • The impact on your relationships with partners, friends and family.
  • Managing your emotions throughout your treatment journey.
  • Dealing with the disappointment of unsuccessful treatment cycles and poor outcomes.
  • Helping with decisions related to ongoing storage of gametes and embryos.
  • General mental health.

Patient access to counselling at Fertility North 

Patients undergoing treatment via IVF, ICSI, IVM and PGT are entitled to a free session with a Fertility Counsellor as part of their treatment cycle.  This counselling may be accumulated and used as you decide.  We strongly recommend that you take advantage of the counselling services you are entitled to in subsequent cycles.  Patients undergoing other treatment types are also encouraged to access our counselling service; however, in these cases, a fee will be incurred.

We recognise that it can be very difficult for patients to decide to end their treatment journey and for this reason, Fertility North also offers patients a one-hour counselling session (at no additional cost) if you decide to discontinue treatment, to assist and support you through this process.

How can I make an appointment?  

The Administration Team would be happy to arrange fertility counselling appointment with our accredited Fertility Counsellor at Fertility North at your request.

Alternatively, should you wish to access a different counsellor, a list of accredited Fertility Counsellors and their contact details can be found here.