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Donor Programme

What does the Fertility North donor programme involve?

The Fertility North Donor Programme has come a long way in the last 20 years, from a small number of local sperm donors managed by our Nursing Team, it has flourished to become the comprehensive programme we are proud to offer today, overseen by our dedicated Donor Coordinator.

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Why choose the Fertility North Donor Programme?

At Fertility North we take pride in being able to offer a fully certified Donor Programme to our patients. This provides opportunities to a variety of families who cannot conceive through traditional means.  Fertility North boasts one of the best and most comprehensive donor programmes in Perth, currently offering a choice of over 40 sperm donors*, plus a range of donor eggs and embryos as well. 

*subject to availability.

Infectious Diseases and Genetic Testing

Our donors are extensively screenedmedically and psychologically – to ensure their suitability as gamete or embryo donors.

Psychological Counselling

Our programme includes the state mandated counselling to ensure that donors and recipients are adequately emotionally prepared for the donor conception journey, and all of the possible nuances this may involve.

Cycle Optimisation

To maximise the chances of successful treatment, Fertility North optimises each and every donor treatment cycle, from minimal interventions such as cycle tracking, to hormonal stimulation and IVF or ICSI.

Controlled Conditions and Traceability

In accordance with West Australian Law, we tightly adhere to family limits – which ensures that the risks of consanguinity are kept to an absolute minimum.  Not only that, but Fertility North follows strict protocols in relation to the processing of samples, which further minimises risks and maximises the quality of donor material we have available to our recipients.

Proven Track Record

Since the inception of our donor programme, we have helped hundreds of patients make their dreams come alive using donated eggs, sperm and embryos, and the Fertility North donor family continues to grow year after year.

Dedicated Donor Coordinator

Fertility North implemented a dedicated Donor Coordinator 10 years ago, to ensure that our donor programme patients received the care and attention their treatment journey deserves.  Our Donor Coordinator has significant experience in the intricacies of donor conception, as a donor or a recipient, and is familiar with the challenges these patients might encounter along the way.  The Donor Coordinator will guide patients through their journey, working very closely with Doctors, Nurses and Laboratory staff to help patients understand and cope with their fertility treatments, ensuring they feel supported, included and informed in all aspects of treatment. 

How can I find out more?

To make an appointment or to speak with our Donor Coordinator about the complete range of donor options available, please contact our friendly administration team