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Patient Support at Fertility North

Infertility can be a very difficult experience in many people’s lives. It can affect the relationships with your family, friends, and work colleagues, but most importantly it can impact on your relationship with your partner and how you feel about yourself.

How individuals and couples cope as they undergo treatment is varied depending on their support network. Infertile individuals/couples often find treatment physically, emotionally and financially draining. It can be very stressful juggling medical appointments or procedures with work and social commitments. There may be particularly difficult times, such as family gatherings where young children or pregnant friends are present.

The staff at Fertility North are experienced professionals who understand the frustration and emotional highs and lows of each treatment cycle. They are available on a daily basis to support and assist you through treatment so please do not hesitate to contact them.

What counselling offers patients

Although our clinic staff are very experienced in helping our patient’s through this challenging time in their lives, there may be times when it is advisable to speak to the clinic counsellor. Speaking to our clinic counsellor can help you work through the feelings that you may be having and offer you the additional support you may need at that time. The clinic counsellor can also assist you with understanding your treatment options, any possible implications and possible alternatives to your current treatment.

Counselling is also available if you are feeling depressed, anxious or so preoccupied with your infertility that you feel it is hard to enjoy life. If you are feeling combinations of any of the following signs you might benefit from seeing the clinic counsellor:

  • Social isolation
  • Loss of interest in usual activities and relationships
  • Depression
  • Marriage difficulties
  • Loss of concentration
  • Anxiety and frustration
  • Feeling constantly sad and worthless
  • Feeling guilty about not providing your partner with a child
  • Changes in eating and sleeping patterns
  • Thoughts about suicide

Access to counselling

In Western Australia all IVF clinics are licensed under the Human Reproductive Technology Act (1991) and in accordance with the Act, it is required that the clinic provide access to counselling to all individuals/couples undergoing IVF or ICSI treatments. Counselling is viewed as an integral part of treatment at Fertility North and as such all new IVF/ICSI patients are required to see our clinic counsellor.

Currently all IVF/ICSI individuals/couples are entitled to one hour of counselling per IVF/ICSI treatment cycle (at no additional cost). Individuals/couples undergoing other treatment types (not IVF/ICSI) are also encouraged to access our counselling service; however, in these cases a fee will be incurred.

We understand that it is a very difficult decision for individuals/couples to decide to end their IVF/ICSI journey and move forward with their lives. For this reason Fertility North also offers all IVF/ICSI individuals/couples a one hour counselling session (at no additional cost) at the end of their treatment journey when they decide to cease all treatment with the clinic. This session can assist with:

  • Making decisions around any embryos in storage
  • Making decisions around any gametes in storage
  • Forming a sense of closure for the IVF/ICSI journey

These counselling entitlements for IVF/ICSI patients may be accumulated and used as you decide. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of the counselling services you are entitled to in subsequent cycles.

If you are considering using donor sperm, donor eggs or donor embryos then all donors, recipients and any partners must attend at least one session with an approved counsellor; these sessions will incur a fee. These sessions can be the Fertility North clinic counsellor or one on the list of counsellors approved by Reproductive Technology Council (RTC).

Making an appointment

Our clinic counsellor, Dr Elizabeth Webb, is an experienced Clinical Psychologist and is accredited with the Western Australian Reproductive Technology Council under the Human Reproductive Technology Act (1991). Fertility counsellors are available to see you at Fertility North and the Administration Team can arrange these appointments at your request. If you would like to read more about our clinic counsellor, click on the link below.

Dr Elizabeth Webb

Please keep in mind that all counselling sessions are strictly confidential between the counsellor and you.