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Mechanical Endometrial Injury (MEI)

What is Mechanical Endometrial Injury (MEI)?

Mechanical Endometrial Injury (MEI) is a simple procedure performed on the endometrial lining by one of the Fertility Doctors at Fertility North. 

During an MEI, the lining of the uterus (the endometrium) is gently scratched by a thin catheter called a pipelle. This mechanical injury, the scratch, is reported to cause: 

  • A repair response by the body, and growth factors, hormones and chemicals infiltrate the injured area. When the uterine lining repairs and regrows, it is thought that it is more receptive to implantation. 
  • The switching on of certain genes that help prepare the endometrium for possible implantation. 

An increasing body of evidence is reporting consistent findings of an improved rate of implantation, clinical pregnancy and live birth in relation to IVF treatment cycles that follow a mechanical injury to the endometrium in the cycle following an MEI procedure.

Who is an MEI suitable for?

At Fertility North, MEI is used to treat patients who have experienced: 

  • Recurrent implantation failure following IVFICSI and FET. 
  • Recurrent miscarriage. 

It may be used in other patients, at the discretion of their Fertility Doctor. 

What does an MEI procedure involve?

How is an MEI done?

The Mechanical Endometrial Injury procedure is similar to a pap smear, and is carried out in the treatment room at Fertility North by one of our Fertility Doctors. 

MEI Pre-Planning?

When you book to have an MEI, it will add a month onto your treatment cycle, so please ensure you allow time for this. 

Does MEI hurt?

Most women experience some mild lower abdominal cramping at the time of, and soon after the procedure. This is why we recommend the use of pain relief pre-procedure. 

Should the cramping continue when you return home, you can use a heat pack to relieve discomfort.

Are there any risks associated with an MEI?

Most women experience some mild lower-abdominal cramping at during and just after the procedure.   Consequently, Fertility North recommend the use of an over-the-counter pain relief, such as Paracetamol, prior to undertaking your MEI.  Should the cramping continue when you return home, you can use a heat pack to relieve discomfort. 

How can we help you?

Fertility North are leaders in the field when it comes to keeping abreast of the latest developments in fertility treatment. While MEI has been shown to help some patients in conceiving, it is not suitable for use in all patients.  Your Doctor will discuss your suitability for MEI in accordance with your individual circumstances.  If prescribed, our Nursing Team will then help you with planning your treatment – MEI must be done in conjunction with a treatment cycle order for it to have its best effect.   

For the costs associated with the MEI procedure, along with a comprehensive overview of all of our treatment costs, please head over to our Fees page. 

To arrange an appointment or to find out more, please contact the team at Fertility North.