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What is Fertility Preservation?

Fertility Preservation is a general term used to describe the process of collecting and freezing an individual’s oocytes (eggs) or sperm, in order that they may be used at a later date.  Oocytes are usually frozen using a process known as vitrification. 

Why is Fertility Preservation used?

You may choose to freeze your eggs if there is any risk of them becoming compromised, through illness, medical treatment or surgery. 

Egg freezing is also an option for those who have no immediate plans to have a family, but want to keep their options open. 

What is the Egg Freezing Process?

Eggs can be collected following a hormonal stimulation protocol similar to that used in an IVF cycle OR without the need for hormonal stimulation, by following an IVM protocol. 

Once they have been collected, your eggs will be very carefully processed by our Embryologists, before being frozen and stored at super-cool temperatures in liquid nitrogen, where they can remain viable for many years.  

The egg collection and freezing process are carried out in much the same way as within an IVF cycle. This usually involves:

  1. Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation (COH) – using self-administered injections to stimulate the growth and maturation of several eggs;.
  2. Trans-vaginal Oocyte Aspiration (TVOA) – The collection of the eggs under anaesthetic.
  3. Oocyte vitrification – Snap-freezing of the eggs and storage.

While the eggs remain stored at Fertility North, a yearly storage fee applies. For more information regarding the cost of egg freezing and storage please see our current Fee Structure.

Who is Egg Freezing suitable for?

There are several reasons you may decide to freeze your eggs: 

  • Future family planning. 
  • Chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy. 
  • Ovarian failure. 
  • Before hormone therapy or gender reassignment surgery. 
  • Insemination via IVF or ICSI is not possible. 
  • As an alternative to freezing embryos. 

How can we help with your Fertility Preservation journey?

Whatever the reason for storing your eggs, Fertility North can provide this service with the compassion, sensitivity and specialist management it requires. 

If you are thinking about freezing your eggs, please arrange an appointment with one of our Doctors who can assess your circumstances and determine the most effective option for your individual situation. 

Please advise our team immediately if you need to freeze your eggs for oncology purposes.  We will then fast track the process to ensure that fertility preservation does not impact on your cancer treatment.   

There are some costs associated with freezing and storing your eggs, and you can find details of these on our Fee Structure.  Medicare rebates and discounted fees do apply to those freezing eggs prior to undergoing cancer treatment.  Pleasecontact us to find out more.