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Services We Offer

Fertility NorthTreatment Types

Fertility North are proud to offer the latest in cutting edge fertility treatments and surgeries, expertly delivered by our Fertility Specialists, Fertility Nurses and Laboratory Staff. We have added half a dozen new treatment protocols in the past 2 years alone, which is a testament to our dedication to improve our service.

Fertility NorthDonor Program

Fertility North provides a certified donor program which strictly abides by current state and federal legislation.
Our Donor Program incorporates the care and treatment for both donors and recipients.

Fertility NorthRI Witness System

RI Witness is an electronic witnessing system used by the Laboratories at Fertility North.

This system improves traceability and quality control, while mitigating laboratory-based risk.

Fertility NorthUltrasound Scanning

Fertility North has it’s own ultrasound clinic, Ultrasound North, just a short 5 minute walk from our practice. This provides our patients with maximum convenience and ease when ultrasounds are required during their treatment with us.

Fertility NorthCounselling

Speaking to our clinic counsellor can help you work through the feelings that you may be having and offer you the additional support you may need at that time. The clinic counsellor can also assist you with understanding your treatment options, any possible implications and possible alternatives to your current treatment

Fertility NorthFertility Preservation

Fertility Preservation is a general term used to describe the process of collecting and freezing an individual’s oocytes (eggs) or sperm, in order that they may be used in fertility treatment at a later date.

This may be for individuals undergoing oncological treatment, gender reassignment, or for many other reasons.

Fertility NorthPortal Hub

At Fertility North we enjoy being able to offer patients access to all the information they might require concerning their treatment, from the convenience of their computer or phone. To register with our service, please click the link below and sign up using your full name, so that we may ensure you are a Fertility North patient.

Quality & Accreditation

Fertility North is proud to be licensed/accredited by the Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee​ (RTAC), Reproductive Technology Council​ (RTC) and the National Association of Testing Authorities​ (NATA).

As part of our accreditation process Fertility North is audited on a regular basis by these three governing bodies in order to maintain compliance and demonstrate continuous improvement.

Fertility North uses an ISO 9001 approved electronic Document Control System and Internal Audit System.

Fertility North GP Portal

In this space we offer a one-stop destination for all of the information General Practitioners require to provide reliable recommendations and care for patients with fertility issues. We also provide content that can be downloaded in digestible and distributive formats, to help you answer your patients questions as clearly as possible.

This unique service is the only one of it’s kind in WA, and is delivered to you free of charge by the team here at Fertility North, who are committed to systemically improving fertility treatment in Western Australia.

Please Note: This resource is only available to GPs on our database. If you are interested in this service, please contact our GP Liason:
Phone: 0413 004 792