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Donor Recipient Information

Become a part of our donor program and realise your dreams of having a family!

Fertility North provides a certified donor program which strictly abides by current state and federal legislation.

Our Donor Program incorporates the care and treatment for both donors and recipients in regards to:

  • Donor Oocytes (eggs)
  • Donor Sperm
  • Donor Embryos

Fertility North have a dedicated Donor Coordinator who provides ongoing information and support, as well as the planning and organisation of donor appointments, counselling, screening tests and treatments.

For any donor queries please contact Belinda, our clinic Donor Coordinator, on: (08) 9301 1075 or

The Reproductive Technology Council (RTC) offers additional information on donor assisted conception. This information can be found here.

There’s also in depth information available on the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Technology Authority (VARTA) website, however please bear in mind that Victorian legislation differs from that in Western Australia.

Equal opportunity and full accommodation.

At Fertility North we take great pride in providing sensitive care to all our patients, whether they be heterosexual couples, single women or LGBTI couples. Each patient is an idividual, and we offer a personalised level of care that caters to each specific set of circumstances.

Both known and unknown donors/recipients are accommodated in our program with all unknown donor profiles being available to all social and ethnic groups.

Click for an information booklet about Creating a Family as a Same-Sex Couple. Read more about donor insemination.

Unknown Donation

Fertility North has a number of donor profiles available; all donations are made altruistically from people who are willing to help others fulfil their dream of creating a family. To keep up with the growing demand for donor services we are also able to provide patients with international donors via our agreement with the Seattle Sperm Bank, based in the USA.

How long will we have to wait?

Fertility North operates a 6-month cooling off period for all donor recipients after they have received their first counselling session. Choosing to have a child via donation can be emotional and involves some complex decisions. Therefore, we believe that a period of cooling off is important to enable you to fully explore what that decision means for you and your family.

Once your cooling off period is complete, Fertility North currently have donor sperm profiles available to view immediatley. This means treatment with donor sperm could commence within 12 weeks of the cooling off period concluding. International sperm profiles are available for pre-selection prior to the completion of the 6-month cooling off; this is to allow time for transport from the USA to Fertility North.  For donor oocytes, the current waiting period is estimated to be approximately 12 months following the completion of the cooling off period.

For more information about the process through which you can use donor materials in your cycle please see the flow chart below or contact our Donor Coordinator.

Known Donation

Some recipients prefer to use a known donor; this could be a friend or family member. The Fertility North Donor Coordinator and Counsellor are available to help guide you and your donor through this process.

How long will we have to wait?

As with unknown donation, Fertility North operates a 6-month cooling off period for both the known donor and their recipients after they have recived their first counselling sessions. The cooling off period is an important step and gives you and your donor plenty of time to consider the implications of the donation.

Once the cooling off period is complete however, treatment may commence immediately.

For more information about the process through which you can use a known donor in your cycle please see the flow chart below or contact our Donor Coordinator.