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Donor Embryos

For Embryo Donors

What is an embryo donor?

An embryo donor is a person or couple who donates their stored embryo/s, for another person or couple to use for the purposes of reproduction.

Embryo donors can be known or unknown to their recipient, but it is important to note that since the implementation of legislation in 2004, anonymous donation is no longer possible.

Known Embryo Donor

Known embryo donors choose to donate their embryo/s to a person or couple they know. 

Unknown Embryo Donor

Unknown embryo donors are those who altruistically donate their embryos to a fertility clinic (not necessarily the clinic they attended for treatment) for use in donor conception for recipients allocated by the fertility clinic.

Who is eligible to donate their embryos?

An embryo donor can be anyone with stored embryo/s who is:

  • At least 18 years and six months of age, AND
  • Less than 41 years of age at the time of creation.

All embryo donors are required to undertake:

  • Donor counselling session with an accredited Fertility Counsellor.
  • A 3 month ‘cooling off’ period (which may or may not coincide with a quarantine period)

For Embryo Recipients

Why use donor embryos?

Donor embryos are used by people who are:

  • Experiencing premature menopause.
  • At risk of passing on a genetic disease.
  • Impacted by ovarian disease or illness.
  • Unsuccessful after undertaking fertility treatment using their own embryos.

Who is eligible to receive donated embryos?

An embryo recipient can be anyone who requires donated embryos to conceive who is:

  • At least 18 years and six months of age, AND
  • Less than 52 years of age.

All embryo recipients, and their partner where applicable, are required to undertake:

  • Initial donor counselling session with an accredited Fertility Counsellor.
  • A 3 month ‘cooling off’ period.
  • Screening tests and medical questionnaires.
  • A second counselling session anytime following the completion of the cooling off period.

Why Fertility North for embryo donation?

Fertility North provides a certified donor programme which strictly abides by current state and federal legislation.  Our Donor Programme incorporates the care and treatment for donors and recipients, and their partners (if applicable). 

We are proud to employ an experienced Donor Coordinator who provides ongoing information and support, as well as the planning and organisation of donor appointments, counselling, screening tests and treatments.

There is always high demand for donor embryos, and Fertility North are eager to hear from those considering embryo donation.  Embryo donation ensures that embryos remaining in storage after the completion of fertility treatment do not go to waste, and instead offer an incredible gift that can help one or more families achieve their dream of becoming a parent.

If you have ever considered donating your stored embryos, or to find out more about using donor embryos at Fertility North, please contact our Donor Coordinator.